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The miss rainbow

The miss rainbow

In the breath I paused,

Blood was dripping with the rest of my frozen,

stopped there,,,

when your smile has been holding my soul,

tightly, unable to escape,,,

maybe you know,,?

ear is sensitive over your sob

through bleary eyes,

tlah rob happy that I got splinters,,

then shut up for me,,

to imagine that my order at your wishful incandescent

remain in power in the niche of soul,,

if you thought, there are constellations

I see a dazzling,

really, it's just assume you are wrong,,,

because all the charms that lie,

still die on the virtual you,,,

I want you to know,,,

It makes me cold frozen,

do not know what I have missed,,,

this isolation, very, very tormented soul

rainbow yours when I can no longer face,,

This odyssey made prisoner,

trapped on the two pillars of the rainbow which I adored,

happy until you feel hurt,,,

and really,,,

These wounds have been revealed to keep my lips say

that "completely missed it",

tlah becoming yours forever,,

I was never able to hear if there is

blow a breath say anything about you,,

if only to mention your name,,,

so you know ...

that you're worthy of my love,

moment forever, and in an instant

make a final breath,,,,,,

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2 komentar:

Advan Angkasa mengatakan...

My heart will never not think of thee
Or think about the friends with the other
If he throw your love, who will be loved?
And if he left path, where it will go?

Zikir dan Kontemplasi

clark lost mengatakan...

...my lips say that "completely missed it"...

No... Never...
Like the rainbow, always comes back one day - The feeling of love of the past will always be hidden in some corner of my heart!
Congratulations again and always!
You reminded me of the days when the rain brought the most beautiful rainbow!
Kisses on your heart!
I'll be back!

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